Jim Adams

I first met Mikhail when I sought him out at the ICRC in 1987 because of his work on
alpha particles trapped in the Earth's radiation belt. It was at that meeting that plans
were laid for a collaboration between a teams of scientists in the US and the USSR
lead by myself and Mikhail respectively. This collaboration investigated the charge
state of the anomalous component of cosmic rays and firmly establishing that the
anomalous component consisted predominately of singly-charged ions.
During this collaboration, Mikhail and I worked closely together. I have visited many
times in his home and he in mine. Since then, we have collaborated on many other
investigation, most recently on EUSO.
Mikhail was an excellent scientist and a great leader for the Skobeltsyn Institute of
Nuclear Physics (SINP). His passing is a great loss to the cosmic ray community.
Please extend my condolences to his family, to his colleagues in SINP and around the
Jim Adams
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