Etienne Parizot

This is very sad news.
I have always regarded Mikhail Panasyuk first of all as a precious human being.
Obviously, he was a great science leader and profound physicist, with wide scientific
scope and vision, and I respected him very much for that. But in addition, he had this
very special way of connecting with people and being attentive and considerate, a
way which I always felt very human and, maybe, very "Russian"!
I should confess that his English speaking was sometimes hard to follow for me, but
even when I had trouble to catch the bottom line of his message on the first try, I
always felt connected anyway, and always received with pleasure and gratitude his
warm smile and good spirit.
I remember him standing up, rising his glass and singing to life at a dinner in
Moscow. This is how I'll keep him in my memory: human, lively, passionate, warm,
sincere and friendly!
So, dear Russian colleagues, please receive my deep condolences and transmit my
sympathy and that of all the French EUSO collaboration to his family and friends.
Etienne Parizot

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